A Less Invasive Approach to AV Fistula Creation

The WaveLinQ Endovascular Fistula is a new and exciting minimally invasive alternative to open surgical fistula creation. It is the first major advancement in arteriovenous (AV) fistula creation in more than 50 years.

WaveLinQ gives you more options… more potential fistula sites and more venous wrist access points (ulnar vein or radial vein). This increases the likelihood of getting usable fistula the first time and reduces scarring and/or arm disfigurement for patients.

The innovative technology uses two, flexible magnetic catheters and radiofrequency energy to create the fistula without open surgery. Guided by fluoroscopy and performed by an interventional radiologist, the procedure has an outstanding 97% success rate. 

Dialysis Access and Maintenance Services at Lakeland Vascular Institute

At LVI, we understand that every dialysis patient is unique and therefore every approach to dialysis access planning, creation and management must be specially crafted for the needs of the individual patient.

Our vascular and interventional radiology specialists have the knowledge, skill and long history of supporting nephrologists while minimizing risks for patients. We are always available to consult with you and your doctor to help you achieve the best possible care.

For more information, or to consult with us about a patient, please call 863.577.0316.